mcs lifestyle tips

Heating Options
12 ways to stay warm this winter with severe MCS/ES.

Bedding Options
A survey of bedding options for the chemically sensitive.

Washing Clothes
How to soak and boil your clothes when you are chemically sensitive to various fabrics and chemicals.

Ovenless Kitchen
A survey of alternatives to the gas oven.

Reading Boxes
How to read books and magazines if printing inks and papers make you sick.

TV/Computer Boxes
Options for watching TV or using a computer when you are reactive to the plastics and other chemicals.

Tent Living
Collection of articles by those forced to live outdoors due to severe environmental illness.


Arizona Environmental Health Bulletin (AEHB)
Send an email to AEHB editor Melinda Honn to subscribe to this popular e-mail newsletter with housing ads for the American Southwest.


Chemical Senitivity and the Monolithic Dome
by David B. South

Extreme Chemical Sensitivity Makes Sufferers Allergic to Life
by Jill Neimark

Home Sweet Non-Toxic Home: Going Beyond Green
by Julie Genser

In One Arizona Community, an Oasis in a Toxic World
NY Times article about an MCS community in Snowflake, AZ

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities can drive sufferers into poverty as well as ill health
by Todd Hymas Samkara – Touches on the difficulty of finding safe housing for MCSers.

The New Refugees
by MaryFrances Platt

Resources for People with Disabilities Displaced by Hurricane Katrina
Providing Shelter for People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity by Cyndi Norwitz

Safe Houses: Only for the Affluent?
by Barbara Easton

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